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The Six Secret of a Good life for 2022

As it can be said, one of the constant debates of scientists and thinkers throughout history has been the characteristics of a good life. On the other hand, because of the difficulty of defining a good life, we can not put aside the discussion about it and think about the factors that make a good life. Characteristics of a good life As a rule, […]

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How to connect multiple calendars to your Planist account?

Most people who use Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, or Apple Calendar to manage their work schedules have more than one card for their work. Usually, a calendar for scheduling business meetings and a calendar for personal scheduling. When the number of calendars used in scheduling increases, you have to control all calendars to set up an appointment so that the meeting you set does […]

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How to sharing your event’s link in Planist scheduling software?

One of the most significant features of Planist, as a free appointment scheduling tool, is the ability to share your free time based on your added calendars.After defining various events types on your needs, you can share the link with others so that your contacts can set the most appropriate time to offer an appointment with you without direct access to the charges registered […]

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How Planist can help to scheduling meetings?

Planist is new scheduling software that can help you manage your meetings and increase productivity based on AI and ML. The Planist could help you automate your meeting scheduling by connecting to your Google calendar or Microsoft calendar. Thus, minimizing the waste of time to scheduling an appointment and increasing your productivity.You can save this time for things like exercising, spending more time with your […]