All members of the Planist's team strive to help our users significantly reduce their lost time by using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and accurate and timely reporting. We help you to make up for a lost time, relax more, be with your family and enjoy your life.

We are an Agile team.

We have a big goal.

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hours that is lost by people who make appointments.


companies that cannot automate appointment scheduling due to technical complexities.


counselors who can make money from their free time with counseling and mentoring sessions

We failed several times to be successful today

We tested ideas several times to reach our current position in the market. We pursue energetic and ambitious goals. The aims we want to achieve with you. We are supporting you to enjoy your life more than ever. Follow your personal development, be healthy, and do great and valuable things with the least amount of stress.

Follow our blog to find out what we have done, what we have broken, and what difficult path we have taken to get here.

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